Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘His Girl Friday’ Together

Hello, fellow film lovers!We’re bunkered down at home and missing the movies. We miss the dramas and ...View More

When Reality Is Scary Enough, These Movies Are Safe Nightmares

It may sound counterintuitive, but watching horror films isn’t just about feeling scared. It’s also  ...View More

A Coronavirus Thriller Was Finished Just Before the Shutdown

VANCOUVER, B.C. — In between the time the coronavirus started to make headlines but before life shut ...View More

‘Outbreak’ Was a Hit in 1995. Now We’re Living the Sequel.

I’m a box office watcher. The numbers are an indicator of national taste and cultural health. But we ...View More

Your Short Film of the Day

We’re stuck at home, obsessing about the news, worrying about our families, worrying about our job s ...View More

Short Attention Span? All These Movies Are Under 90 Minutes

As many of us have found ourselves with more time for in-home entertainment, some ambitious souls ha ...View More

Don’t Get What’s So Great About Westerns? Start Here

Even those of us who have devoted tens of thousands of hours to watching films have blind spots — im ...View More

When Our (Fictional) Presidents Are Tested by Their Moments

Calm authority, an effortless intimacy with the facts, an empathy that’s felt, not merely read off a ...View More

Select Film Festivals and Indie Movies Figure Out Online Access

The coronavirus pandemic scuttled South by Southwest and delayed the Cannes Film Festival. Niche rel ...View More

The Activist Star of ‘Crip Camp’ Looks Back at a Life on the Barricades

The documentary “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution,” due Wednesday on Netflix after winning accolad ...View More

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