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Imprisoned suffragette letter discovered

A previously unknown letter from the fi ...View More

More fake diploma claims for Spanish university

A Spanish university is being investiga ...View More

Three in four London students 'from ethnic minorities by 2030'

Almost three quarters of university students from London will be  ...View More

'£1bn in unpalatable county council cuts' ahead in England

Council bosses in England say the "worst is yet to come" in cuts  ...View More

MSPs call for 'halt' to primary tests

MSPs have defeated the Scottish governm ...View More

'Sexist, unsafe' world experienced by young girls

An "alarmingly high" number of girls and young women feel unsafe  ...View More

Ministers face defeat over primary tests

The Scottish government is facing defea ...View More

School open days: Eight things to look for

It's that time of the year when seconda ...View More

Students blamed for university and college cyber-attacks

A security analysis of cyber-attacks against universities and col ...View More

Generation Sensible: The 18-year-olds of today

Dubbed Generation Sensible, the 18-year-olds of today are much mo ...View More

Mental health services 'let down children'

The Scottish government has admitted th ...View More

Mothers want action over sexual assaults at school

Two mothers whose daughters were sexually assaulted at school by  ...View More

Gypsy pupils experience bullying and racism, MPs told

Bullying, racism and feeling left out of the curriculum are major ...View More

Fresh call for smacking to be outlawed in the home

Smacking is harmful to children's mental health and should be ban ...View More

How UK education ranks in the world

How does funding and support for school ...View More

Tuition fees review to wait on loans decision

The review of tuition fees in England w ...View More

SEN pupils make 'weak' progress in Birmingham, report says

Special educational needs provision for pupils and young people a ...View More

'Teach religion and worldviews instead of RE'

Religious education in England's school ...View More

Wrong trousers sees Penyrheol pupils miss school lessons

About 2,000 people have signed a petition about changes to a Swan ...View More

Kate Winslet warns of 'shame' of illiteracy

Kate Winslet has said too many women ca ...View More

Top universities to face pressure over admissions

The most competitive universities in England are to face greater  ...View More

Ofsted cuts leave parents guessing, say MPs

Parents in England are not getting the assurance they need about  ...View More

Chief Rabbi publishes first LGBT guide for orthodox schools

The UK's Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has published the first eve ...View More

Families 'can't afford to follow healthy diet guidance'

Up to 3.7 million UK children live in homes struggling to afford  ...View More

Going back to school in a war zone

It's back to school - but for millions  ...View More

Fire at Roding Primary School, Dagenham

Dozens of firefighters spent hours tack ...View More

UK 'missing out' on overseas students

University leaders are calling for chan ...View More

Kent council leader calls for 11+ coaching ban review

Media playback is unsupported on your device A ban on ...View More

Presenter Cathy Newman reveals school sexual harassment

Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman has spoken out about being  ...View More

England's schools face 'severe' teacher shortage

  BBC     August 30, 2018

England's schools are facing a "severe  ...View More

Dentists say fines deterring poor patients

  BBC     August 30, 2018

The British Dental Association says a "huge fall" in people on lo ...View More

Emails while commuting 'should count as work'

  BBC     August 30, 2018

Commuters are so regularly using travel ...View More

Adelaide 'mansplaining' advert draws criticism

  BBC     June 30, 2018

A "mansplaining" advertisement in Adela ...View More

Belgian boy Laurent Simons heads off to university aged 8

  BBC     June 30, 2018

A Belgian boy has graduated secondary school aged eight after com ...View More

National tests bordering on 'child abuse' claims head

  BBC     June 28, 2018

National tests are "bordering on child abuse" because of the emot ...View More

Hidden 'shame' of elderly scam victims

  BBC     June 27, 2018

Almost a third of elderly victims of fraud have been too embarras ...View More

Student mental health support must improve, universities told

  BBC     June 27, 2018

Universities are being told to "dramatically improve" support for ...View More

Childminder numbers in England plummet

  BBC     June 27, 2018

There has been a significant fall in the number of registered chi ...View More

Fatberg boosts museum numbers

  BBC     June 26, 2018

A slice of fatberg put on show at the M ...View More

Language lesson gap means poorest miss out, says report

  BBC     June 26, 2018

Children from poorer backgrounds in England are increasingly like ...View More

Military children: 'I've lived in 12 different houses'

  BBC     June 26, 2018

"This is my 10th school, I've lived in 12 different houses," a gi ...View More

School offers children week off in term time

  BBC     June 26, 2018

A secondary school is offering parents  ...View More

Stamford Hill school with sex ed ban 'inadequate'

  BBC     June 26, 2018

A Jewish girls school that bans sex edu ...View More

Narcissists 'irritating but successful'

  BBC     June 25, 2018

Narcissists might be irritating attention seekers - but they are  ...View More

University student suicide rates revealed

  BBC     June 25, 2018

The Office for National Statistics has published higher education ...View More

Cyan colour hidden ingredient in sleep

  BBC     June 22, 2018

The colour cyan - between green and blu ...View More

Brexit youth: 'I am angry and the future scares me'

  BBC     June 21, 2018

Not many students at Coventry City College voted for Brexit - the ...View More

'Should I stay or should I go now?'

  BBC     June 20, 2018

Emilia Wilton-Godberfforde is facing a  ...View More

Too many firsts risk universities' credibility, says think tank

  BBC     June 20, 2018

Universities risk losing their credibility due to "rocketing" gra ...View More

Ofsted chief inspector backs ban on phones in schools

  BBC     June 20, 2018

The chief inspector of Ofsted is backin ...View More

Mary Beard on big thinkers and 'sexist rants'

  BBC     June 20, 2018

Historian Mary Beard moves seamlessly f ...View More

Young people 'see cannabis as safer than alcohol'

  BBC     June 19, 2018

"For me, having cannabis in the evening is the equivalent of havi ...View More

'Impossible' French A-level exam 'a disgrace' say students

  BBC     June 19, 2018

Students and parents want an urgent review after errors in an A-l ...View More

'Ditch predicted grades' from university admissions

  BBC     June 19, 2018

Universities in the UK should stop using predicted grades when pe ...View More

London sixth-former plays Pogba's double

  BBC     June 18, 2018

A sixth-former from south London has be ...View More

'Labour anti-Semitism row is putting off Jewish students'

  BBC     June 18, 2018

Jewish students are being put off from applying to certain univer ...View More

Five generations 'before poor reach average pay'

  BBC     June 15, 2018

Social mobility is so frozen that it wo ...View More

Five generations 'to reach average income'

  BBC     June 15, 2018

Social mobility is so frozen that it wo ...View More

Maidenhead school asks parents to buy toilet roll

  BBC     June 15, 2018

A school in Theresa May's constituency  ...View More

Teenagers 'let down over degree choices'

  BBC     June 15, 2018

Teenagers in England are having to make choices about university  ...View More

Doubts raised over Universal Credit roll-out

  BBC     June 15, 2018

The £1.9bn Universal Credit system may end up costing more  ...View More

Don't be afraid to take phones off teens, says Eton head

  BBC     June 13, 2018

Schools and parents should not be scared to take smartphones and  ...View More

'Easier to take child into care than get support'

  BBC     June 13, 2018

A senior judge has said it is easier to obtain a care order to ta ...View More

Fake news harms children's self-esteem and trust, say MPs

  BBC     June 13, 2018

A few weeks ago, Chloe, 13, shared a hoax story about the alleged ...View More

'There were a lot of strangers around - I didn't feel safe'

  BBC     June 13, 2018

"I lived in a B&B with my mum for over two months, I was the  ...View More

Half children's services money 'spent on 73,000 in care'

  BBC     June 11, 2018

Half of England's £8.6bn children's services budget is bein ...View More

Modern students 'prefer work to drugs'

  BBC     June 11, 2018

Students are more likely to want univer ...View More

Stephen Hawking fellowships set up for 50 students

  BBC     June 11, 2018

Up to 50 "exceptional" students are to  ...View More

Adoption and care rates higher in some areas

  BBC     June 11, 2018

Research obtained by the BBC and the Bu ...View More

Police detective entry system targets graduates

  BBC     June 11, 2018

Graduates can become detectives "in a m ...View More

Student loans 'heading for trillion pounds'

  BBC     June 10, 2018

The tuition fee system for England's un ...View More

Lords criticise 'unfair' university fees and loans

  BBC     June 10, 2018

The tuition fee system for England's un ...View More

University is Pompey's top summer signing

  BBC     June 10, 2018

When a gruff US media tycoon says: "Drop everything else and do t ...View More

G7 summit: $3bn pledge for girls' education

  BBC     June 09, 2018

Canada says it plans to provide $2.9bn  ...View More

More than a million on social housing waiting lists

  BBC     June 08, 2018

Grandfather and commercial engineer Freddy Emmanuel has been on t ...View More

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