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Amazon's Alexa microwave is officially a thing

Amazon's Alexa microwave is officially a thing
By: Mashable Posted On: September 20, 2018 View: 11

Amazon's Alexa microwave is officially a thing

Image: Karissa Bell/Mashable

Finally, our Hot Pocket-related dreams have been answered.

At an event in Seattle on Thursday, Amazon officially unveiled its rumored microwave. And yes, you can control it with Alexa.

It'll cost you $59.99, which is actually quite reasonable for a microwave. Here's the device in action:

Not the smoothest interaction. Still, yelling at a machine to cook you a potato has to be someone's dream ... right?

Of course, Amazon integrated its Dash button tech, so you can buy stuff on Amazon. 

Amazon also revealed several new Echo products, including an updated Echo Show and an Echo Wall Clock. 

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