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Get an Asus Zen all-in-one desktop computer for $999.99, its lowest price yet on Amazon

Get an Asus Zen all-in-one desktop computer for $999.99, its lowest price yet on Amazon
By: Mashable Posted On: September 20, 2018 View: 11

Get an Asus Zen all-in-one desktop computer for $999.99, its lowest price yet on Amazon

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Image: Asus

As popular as laptops are, it's hard to replace the power (and screen size) of a quality desktop. And thanks to the growing popularity of all-in-ones, desktops don't take up anywhere near as much room as they used to. The downside is that most all-in-ones can run a little more on the pricier side. Thankfully, if you're in the market for a new desktop computer, Amazon has a deal that's almost too good to pass up.

The Asus 23.8-inch Zen AIO Pro Z240IEGT-16 All-in-One Desktop is available at Amazon for just $999.99. This is $400 off the listed price of $1399.99 and the lowest the desktop has been available on Amazon to date.

Behind the screen, the Zen is packing plenty of power. With an Intel Core i7-7700T processor and 12GB of RAM, it won't be lacking on speeds. And with a 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD, it certainly isn't lacking for storage.

The Asus Zen is no slouch on the visual side, either. First, you have the touch panel display, which is a common feature on most all-in-one desktops. On top of that, it's a full UHD screen, so everything will be appear in glorious 4K. 

Another bonus it comes with is the compatibility with the Asus ZenLink app for smart devices. With it, the Zen can communicate with your smartphone to send files, information, and messages back and forth between both devices.

Make sure to act quickly and get it from Amazon while you can — we don't imagine this deal will last very long.

Image: Asus

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