Mardaani 2 day 1 box office collection: Rani Mukerji film opens low, Jumanji-The...

Mardaani 2 day 1 box office collection: Rani Mukerji film opens low, Jumanji-The...
By: WNG HT Posted On: December 13, 2019 View: 73

Mardaani 2 day 1 box office collection: Rani Mukerji film opens low, Jumanji-The...

Rani Mukerji’s latest film, Mardaani 2, had a slow start on Friday, as per a report in Box Office India. The film picked up an estimated Rs 3.25 crores nett. Audience seems to have preferred Jumanji - The Next Level, which has made an estimated Rs 5 crores on the same day.

The report said that Mardaani 2 did the best business compared to other Hindi releases at Rs 3.25 crores, and in doing so, opened at pretty much the same range was the first part of the franchise, Mardaani, five years back. It added that film, nonetheless, showed a slight growth by the second half of the day, which could result in better numbers on Saturday.

Kevin Hart, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starrer Jumanji - The Next Level emerged the most preferred of all the Friday releases and stood at an estimated Rs 5 crores in earning at close of day. The numbers, however, are not much higher than the last film of the franchise, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which released two years back.

The report says the other releases of the day -- The Body and Mudda 370 -- picked up an estimated Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 10 lakhs respectively.

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Mardaani 2 follows a cat-and- mouse game between a gutsy woman police officer, played by Rani Mukerji, and an intelligent but evil monster, a serial rapist, played by newcomer, TV actor Vishal Jethwa.

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Jumanji follows the lives of a bunch of people who accidentally find themselves caught inside a board game and is an endearing franchise made popular by the first film, starring late Robin Williams.

Speaking about the film, the Hindustan Times review said, “Hastily wrapped in Christmas colours and unenthusiastically conceived, Jumanji: The Next Level is more like a last-minute gift intended for a casual workplace acquaintance than a sequel to an almost billion-dollar hit.”

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