Ellen DeGeneres Puts Pressure On Blake Shelton To Propose To Gwen Stefani: ‘Time Is Ticking’

Ellen DeGeneres Puts Pressure On Blake Shelton To Propose To Gwen Stefani: ‘Time Is Ticking’
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 13, 2019 View: 120

Ellen DeGeneres Puts Pressure On Blake Shelton To Propose To Gwen Stefani: ‘Time Is Ticking’

Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but try to get Blake Shelton to propose to his girlfriend of four years, Gwen Stefani, on the Dec. 13 episode of her talk show. She even offered him a hosting gig to make it happen!

Ellen Degeneres, like every other diehard Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani shipper, wants to see them walk down the aisle! She even used her Dec. 13 episode to add more pressure on Blake to propose! Ellen began their candid convo by reminding Blake of a cheeky clock she gave him in a previous episode. “I gave you a clock. Remember that clock?” Ellen asked. “To remind you time is ticking.” The analog clock featured a blown up image of Blake and Gwen going in for a smooch and was too cute! Unfortunately, Blake wasn’t able to keep the gift. “I walked backstage, and somebody back there was like, ‘Hey, thanks for being on the show. Can I have that?’ And they took it and I haven’t seen it.” While the clock may have gone missing, there’s no denying it’s magic!

Ellen shared that she gave a similarly fashioned clock to Jennifer Lopez, featuring a picture of her with Alex Rodriguez. “We did that to Jennifer Lopez and now she’s engaged,” Ellen laughed, referencing J. Lo’s March engagement to the former Yankee player. Blake, looking back at the image of his clock on the big screen, couldn’t help but admire how “She’s [Gwen] actually the sexiest coach on The Voice, now that I think about it.”

With Blake ruminating on his gorgeous girlfriend, Ellen interjected with her own endearing compliments. “I like seeing y’all together…I like seeing you together, but then I like to see y’all work together on the show,” the talk show host shared. After discussing how Nick Jonas would be replacing Gwen on the voice, Ellen extended an invitation to Blake to guest host her own show! “You can have anybody on you want,” she told the reluctant “God’s Country” crooner. “You could have Gwen on, you could have anybody on.” After a prolonged pause from Blake, Ellen said to uproarious cheers, “You could propose to her here!” An embarrassed Blake rubbed his head with his fingers before admitting, “You’re right! I could!” And fans really wish he would!

Blake has gushed in the past about how the couple are “meant to be” since coming together after their respective divorces in 2015. As for wedding bells, it seems that the couple will be taking their own time. But, regardless of their timelines for the future, one thing is for sure: fans (and Ellen!) can’t get enough of this sweet couple!

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