Wendy Williams ‘Stressed’ Over Kevin Hunter Divorce: ‘She’s Excited To Get This Behind Her’

Wendy Williams ‘Stressed’ Over Kevin Hunter Divorce: ‘She’s Excited To Get This Behind Her’
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 13, 2019 View: 116

Wendy Williams ‘Stressed’ Over Kevin Hunter Divorce: ‘She’s Excited To Get This Behind Her’

Wendy Williams is ready to put the past behind her, as her divorce from Kevin Hunter has not only added to her stress, but also taken ‘a toll on her mood.’

Wendy Williamss, 55, divorce from her husband of over 20 years, Kevin Hunter, has been an incredibly drawn out affair since the talk show host filed in April 2019. The tension has, understandably, been tough on Wendy, as her lawyers continue to work out the final details. “Wendy’s legal team was working on her divorce and doing their best to try to get things finalized last week but ultimately did not,” a source close to Wendy shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. The tiring process has really been wearing Wendy thin, but she’s holding it together despite the pressure she’s feeling.

Her divorce “has really stressed Wendy out and it’s taking a toll on her mood, for sure,” the source continued. “She’s been very, very stressed on days she’s dealing with it.” Fans of the effervescent host of the eponymous daytime talk show are so used to seeing Wendy so bubbly, tactful and ready to dish on her favorite hot topics. But behind the scenes, when she’s dealing with her separation, things take a turn.

And Kevin hasn’t exactly made things easy for Wendy, either. Not only has he been “furious” that she has discussed their personal life on her talk show, he also sought spousal support in May of this year. Wendy has maintained a stalwart front throughout the entire ordeal, and still maintains her professionalism on set. However, even those close to her can see what Wendy is going through.

“You can tell a difference between when she’s dealing with it day to day and not as she can go from great spirits and loving life to struggling at the drop of a hat,” the source continued. But, of course, Wendy is keeping her hopes very high as the proceedings come to their final conclusion. “She’s so excited to get this all behind her and start the next chapter of her life.”

As fans know, Wendy filed for divorce after rumors swirled that Kevin, whom she married in 1997, was cheating on her. Subsequently, Kevin had a child out of wedlock with his mistress, leaving Wendy to confirm the news. The couple share a son together, Kevin Jr., who Wendy routinely gushes over on her show. For Wendy, the end of this part of her life is nearly at an end, and fans cannot wait to see how she continues to take on her newly single life!

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