Rebel Wilson Confesses She Lost 8lbs In 4 Days While Filming ‘Cats’ Dance Scenes

Rebel Wilson Confesses She Lost 8lbs In 4 Days While Filming ‘Cats’ Dance Scenes
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 13, 2019 View: 47

Rebel Wilson Confesses She Lost 8lbs In 4 Days While Filming ‘Cats’ Dance Scenes

Grueling dance routines? Sauna-like conditions?! Rebel Wilson reveals how she lost weight so quickly during the filming of ‘Cats.’

Things got steamy, literally, on the set of Cats! Everyone’s favorite Aussie comedian Rebel Wilson shared that she certainly got her workout in while filming the upcoming live action version of the famous Broadway musical. On Dec. 12, Rebel, 39, opened up in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the extensive dance routines are what contributed to her losing a few pounds. “I lost eight pounds, shooting my number, four days,” she shared. “One, because there’s a lot of physicalities…but also, they heated up the set very high, to almost 100 [degrees] Fahrenheit, so that we could never cool down.”

Rebel went on to explain that the reason for the sauna-like environment was so the cast of dancers and actors, including big names like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Ilba, and Jason Derulo, could stay nimble and loose throughout the long shoots. Despite having to deal with the uncomfortable conditions, the Pitch Perfect star expressed tons of admiration for the professional dancers that have been brought on for the movie. She shared, “These people are, like, the best dancers in the world, so they can’t cool their muscles down or they could get an injury and they’s be out of the film.”

It looks like all of this hard work has been totally worth it in the end. Rebel proudly expressed that the project is going to be “epic” and that fans of the musical and the upcoming film will have a lot to look forward to. “The artistry that’s gone into this film –and to know that it’s all live singing and dancing — spectacular is the right word to describe the film,” she said.

Rebel Wilson Cats

It’s no secret that this year we’ve seen Rebel completely transform. Other than being transformed into a singing, CGI tabby cat, she’s been working hard in the gym with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson to better prepare for the activeness required for the role. Fans have been so happy to see her looking so healthy and happy, giving her compliments like, “Look like a gorgeous sunbeam!!!” and “You look great!!” Cats will be hitting theaters everywhere on Dec. 20.

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