‘The Blacklist’ EPs Tease Liz’s ‘Challenge’ With Katarina & A ‘Great Cliffhanger’ In Fall Finale

‘The Blacklist’ EPs Tease Liz’s ‘Challenge’ With Katarina & A ‘Great Cliffhanger’ In Fall Finale
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 13, 2019 View: 69

‘The Blacklist’ EPs Tease Liz’s ‘Challenge’ With Katarina & A ‘Great Cliffhanger’ In Fall Finale

The Dec. 13 episode of ‘The Blacklist’ is going to be the mother of all fall finales. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with ‘The Blacklist’ bosses about what we can expect from Liz and Katarina’s confrontation and where Red fits into all of this.

Last week’s episode of The Blacklist featured Liz coming face-to-face with her mother. Katarina, who had been living across from Liz as Maddy, finally told Liz that she is her mother. The episode ended with Liz pointing a gun right at Katarina. HollywoodLife spoke with The Blacklist executive producers John Eisendrath and Jon Bokenkamp about the fall finale and what this showdown means for this mother and daughter. “Obviously, at the end of the ninth episode, Liz is all-in on demanding answers from Katarina and getting truths that she’s been looking for for years, ” Eisendrath said. “She’s livid at this woman for hiding in plain sight across the hall, for putting her daughter in jeopardy, for not being honest about the fact that she’s her mother. Moving forward, I think what people have to look forward to in the fall finale is that the fact that Katarina is now going to be able to acknowledge that she is her mother and tell Liz why she did everything she did will be something that is going to challenge Liz’s assumptions about who her mother is and why she’s there and whether or not she should trust her.”

What Liz learns from her mother could change everything. So what does this mean for Liz and Red moving forward? “It would appear as if this revelation is going to solidify Liz’s connection to Red and it’s going to solidify her feeling that this woman, her mother, is someone who not only can’t be trusted but who poses a mortal threat to both her and her daughter,” Eisendrath continued. “So going in, I think you’re feeling, like, well this is not going to end well for Liz and Katarina and it might end up being fine for Liz and Red.” However, since this is The Blacklist, you never know what’s going to happen. Red is a big step behind Liz at the moment. Eisendrath teased that Red has “a lot of catching up to do about what is going on with Liz and Katarina.”

This Liz and Katarina face-off could have easily been the season finale. That’s how big this moment is in the world of The Blacklist. HollywoodLife asked the EPs about why now was the right time for this to happen. “You know, it’s funny when people ask questions like that because a lot of it is pressure. I mean for a long time, this season that was going to be the end of the season. You’re not wrong. We thought the same thing for a long time,” Eisendrath said.

Bokenkamp added, “Because we’re 22 episodes, it’s a little of a sticky widget because we’re a standalone show and we’re a serialized show. If you look back over the past seven years, it’s almost like we have two seasons a season. You know, we do 8 or 10 episodes upfront that sort of feel like it needs to some closure to it. I think one of the things that the promise of the fall finale has is that we are going to resolve some things in a satisfying way.  We’re bringing Liz into the world of Katarina and hearing her side of the story, hearing some truths that she has many of. We saw that last week, but I think not only do we have the promise of some resolution, but we have a really great cliffhanger coming. Hopefully, this feels like a fun little 10-episode binge-able season.” The Blacklist season 7 will return in March 2020.

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