Hasbro unveils line of Baby Yoda toys now available for pre-order

Hasbro unveils line of Baby Yoda toys now available for pre-order
By: WNG CNBG Posted On: December 12, 2019 View: 38

Hasbro unveils line of Baby Yoda toys now available for pre-order

The Child, popularly known as "Baby Yoda," is a character in the new Disney+ series, "The Mandalorian"

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Hasbro, which holds the master toy license for Star Wars-branded toys, has finally revealed its first collection of figures based on everyone's favorite character from "The Mandalorian" — Baby Yoda.

While the cute creature has been dubbed Baby Yoda, because of his resemblance to the iconic Star Wars character, retailers, manufacturers and Disney itself call the character "The Child."

Starting Thursday, fans will be able to pre-order four new Baby Yoda toys. The toys are expected to arrive in spring 2020. 

The Child has become a social media sensation since debuting on Disney+ a month ago.

Keeping "Baby Yoda" a secret has meant that toys, plush and other items haven't been available to purchase right away, much to the chagrin of eager holiday shoppers. It's why most of the products currently available are from apparel companies or are made with the same, simplistic photo from the show.

Print-to-order mugs, T-shirts and magnets are easy to produce quickly, however sculpting toys and creating accurate three-dimensional objects takes a bit more time.

2.2-inch collectible toys from "The Mandalorian" featuring The Child.


"We've been so enamored with the conversation and fan reaction surrounding 'The Mandalorian's' The Child and we know Star Wars fans around the world will be thrilled to see this beloved character incorporated into the Hasbro Star Wars collection of products," Samantha Lomow, president of Hasbro's Entertainment Brands, said in a statement.

As part of Hasbro's Black Series collection, high-quality collectibles, there will be a 1.12-inch figure of The Child with multiple points of articulation. It will come with a small bone broth toy, ball toy, and Sorgan frog.

There are a series of 2.2-inch collectible figures that appear in a variety of poses including eating a Sorgan frog, sleeping and playing with the silver knob from the Mandalorian's ship. A 6.5-inch figure will also be available.

Hasbro has also created a talking plush toy that can be squeezed to activate several cooing sounds.

"Star Wars" The Child Talking Plush toy from Hasbro.


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