‘The Challenge’ Finale Recap: 4 Players From Team [SPOILER] Take Home $1 Million

‘The Challenge’ Finale Recap: 4 Players From Team [SPOILER] Take Home $1 Million
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 11, 2019 View: 75

‘The Challenge’ Finale Recap: 4 Players From Team [SPOILER] Take Home $1 Million

We finally have a winner! The grueling final came to an end during the Dec. 11 episode of ‘The Challenge,’ as the U.K. and U.S. teams went head-to-head one last time for their share of $1 million.

The finale of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 picks up in the midst of the final between team U.S. (Paulie, Cara Maria, Leroy, Kam, Ashley, Ninja Natalie and Zach) and team U.K. (Jordan, Tori, Rogan, CT and Dee). Despite a ten minute penalty, team U.K. is in the lead. Meanwhile, Paulie’s body is shutting down and he’s struggling to even stand up. It’s no secret that he’s slowing down the team, but he refuses to give up, and as team U.K. reaches the fourth checkpoint, team U.S. is taking yet another break on the trail.

Having more people on the team winds up hurting team U.S., as it requires them to carry more weighted sandbags on their gurney throughout the final. Eventually, their gurney breaks, and they’re forced to break the rules and carry the sandbags separately. Tensions are high, especially between Zach and the rest of the team, since he was not in the same alliance as the others during the game.

Over at the checkpoint, team U.K. is busy solving a difficult puzzle before they can cross the finish line of the final’s first leg. They don’t finish the puzzle in the allotted time, so they’re able to race onto the finish line, where their team boat is waiting for them. Meanwhile, team U.S. finally reaches the puzzle, and Paulie takes control of solving it successfully. Still, carrying the broken gurney proves to be difficult, and a fight breaks out between the team members. Finally, they reach the finish line, but must add 10 minutes to their time for breaking the rules with the gurney.

After reaching their team boats, the players have to swim to their sleeping quarters — and it’s not pretty! There are only two beds, and they’re in the middle of a pit filled with dozens of snakes. Only one player from each team can sleep at a time, while the others have to stand outside the pit and wait their turn.

Throughout the night, Paulie’s body continues to shut down to the point where he gets physically ill, but he continues to fight on. The next morning, the players must solve individual puzzles, then swim to their team boats. Only four competitors from each team can move on, while the rest will be purged. For team U.K., CT, Dee, Rogan and Jordan move on, and for team U.S., it’s Ninja, Cara Maria, Paulie and Zach. Unfortunately, that means Tori, Leroy, Kam and Ashley are headed home.

Now, it’s time for stage two, where the players are shackled together as a group by their ankles. They have to run six miles, then solve a puzzle and kayak to the finish line. Team U.K. gets a five minute head start for finishing first during stage one, but team U.S. catches up at the puzzle.

Team U.K. times out and moves on first, and minutes later, team U.S. times out, as well. Now, it’s a race to the finish line, as the U.S. players rush to catch the U.K. players in their kayaks. They’re just too far behind, though, and team U.K. (JORDAN, ROGAN, DEE and CT) take home the win!

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