Ayesha & Steph Curry Reveal Symbolic Matching Tattoos They Got For 3 Adorable Kids

Ayesha & Steph Curry Reveal Symbolic Matching Tattoos They Got For 3 Adorable Kids
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 11, 2019 View: 64

Ayesha & Steph Curry Reveal Symbolic Matching Tattoos They Got For 3 Adorable Kids

Keeping their kids close — Ayesha and Steph curry debuted their brand new body art, with images featuring a wolf, butterfly and unicorn that represent each of their three children!

Steph Curry, 31, and his wife Ayesha Curry, 30, will always be thinking of their kids with the new tattoos, which they shared with their fans on Dec. 10. The couple each got three tattoos in succession of one another, which featured a wolf, butterfly and unicorn crafted in geometric styles. Each figure represents one of their three children — Riley, 7, Ryan, 4, and Canon, 1 — and Ayesha took the opportunity to explain what they mean and who they represent in her Instagram caption.

The tattoos are featured on Ayesha and Steph’s calfs, and Ayesha explained in her caption of the pic of the tattoos that, “He luhhhhh matching my swag (***these are our babies signs we have for them). Each has a deeper meaning and representation to us,” she explained to her over six million followers. “Canon will always be our young wolf. Ryan our butterfly (this one makes me cry with joy just thinking about it) and Riley our horse (free spirited, which we turned into a unicorn because she’s our magical first born). Before closing out her post, Ayesha thanked that tattoo parlor, Winter Stone, where she and her husband got inked.

Of course, Steph and Ayesha have created one of the cutest families of the basketball court and showed it off in a new image Ayesha shared on Dec. 6! In the snap, siblings Riley and Ryan could be seen giving their one-year-old little brother a kiss, as Ayesha and Steph joined in on the smooch. But the family also had a special guest in their sweet moment. Their dog, Reza, was spotted just in the corner of the pic, watching on as the canine’s human companions shared a candid, intimate moment as a family.

Just days earlier, on Nov. 29, Ayesha seemingly shared a more refined version of the behind-the-scenes snap she went on to post on Dec. 6. In this particular shot, the entire family is beaming at the camera and looking so adorable! “My heart is full…that’s all,” Ayesha captioned the sweet shot in reference to the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Regardless if they are posing for pics, sharing a sweet moment, or just being given a perfect reminder, it is so incredibly clear just how much Ayesha and Steph love their three kiddos!

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