Twinkle Khanna shares pic of Akshay Kumar's failed attempt at making coffee: 'This...

Twinkle Khanna shares pic of Akshay Kumar's failed attempt at making coffee: 'This...
By: WNG HT Posted On: December 11, 2019 View: 99

Twinkle Khanna shares pic of Akshay Kumar's failed attempt at making coffee: 'This...

Actor Akshay Kumar may be a man of many talents but making coffee is not one of them. His wife and author Twinkle Khanna shared a throwback picture on Instagram on Wednesday, telling her followers why Akshay is not allowed to make coffee for her anymore.

The picture shows Akshay holding a cup of really dark, nasty-looking coffee. The drink looks unappetising to say the least. Twinkle captioned the post in her true witty style. “Writers need caffeine almost as much as pencils require graphite:) But..this is the reason why I have never asked him to make a cup of coffee for me again! #throwback #writerswoes,” she wrote.

Twinkle and Akshay’s fans found the post hilarious. “You both are love,” wrote one. “Did he not use the filter for the coffee,” asked another. “Did he try to throw some coffee from the cup,” another doubted.

Earlier this week, Twinkle had shared a cute picture of their dog on Instagram. It showed her pet ‘Mr Alex’ standing on a couch, with plants in the background. Through her Instagram post, she shared that she read a short story on Sunday night about the training of dogs to take care of alien babies. “Read a short story late last night about training dogs to care for alien babies! Now keep imagining a grey tentacled creature attached to Mr Alex’s tail,” the actor-turned-author wrote in the caption.

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In another post, Twinkle shared a picture of an auto-rickshaw in Mumbai offering a slew of facilities. The vehicle came equipped with a window garden, a washbasin and a desktop monitor. Apart from free mobile charging for passengers, it offers one-km free ride for senior citizens. Advice about fitness comes gratis.

The author of Mrs. Funny bones has been writing on her website Tweak India, a bilingual digital media platform for women. Meanwhile, Twinkle’s latest book titled Pyjamas are Forgiving has garnered immense appreciation and the readers are loving the refreshing content.

Her book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad inspired Akshay’s Pad Man which also starred Radhika Apte, and Sonam Kapoor. It was directed by R Balki and Twinkle served as a producer.

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