‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Bar Overreacts When Ashley Goes To LA Without Him

‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Bar Overreacts When Ashley Goes To LA Without Him
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 10, 2019 View: 64

‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Bar Overreacts When Ashley Goes To LA Without Him

After watching the Dec. 10 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’, it became very clear that Ashley and Bar are not on the same page about their relationship status.

Ashley Jones ended the Dec. 10 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant in tears after she felt disrespected by her ex, Bar. While she was away in Los Angeles without him, Bar kept contacting Ashley and bugging her about what she was doing and who she was with. He was watching Holly, so she felt obligated to keep in touch with Bar, but she didn’t feel as though he deserved to know who she was with or what she was doing. After all, it’s not like they’re dating anymore. But maybe he’s still confused by their breakup?

He must be because she ended up blocking his phone number and then he turned her phone off completely. Ashley was also driving home — “across state” — in the middle of the night when he did this, so she was beyond upset about it. She feared what could have happened if her car had broken down, or if something bad had happened to Holly. His actions were enough to make her realize that she did the right thing by ending things with him. And when she told her mom this, she started crying about the entire situation.

Meanwhile, Rachel dealt with consequences of not knowing who Hazelee’s biological father is, when her ex, Drew, wanted to meet the baby. Plus, Kiaya visited X’Zayveon in prison for the first time, and her girlfriend became angry over it. Finally, Brianna’s patience was tested when she realized Braeson has been taking up a lot of her energy.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant air Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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