Infowars heckler accuses Nadler of treason during Trump impeachment hearing

Infowars heckler accuses Nadler of treason during Trump impeachment hearing
By: WNG CNBC Posted On: December 09, 2019 View: 32

Infowars heckler accuses Nadler of treason during Trump impeachment hearing

A person disrupts the proceedings ahead of Lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee, Barry Berke representing the majority Democrats, and Stephen Castor representing the minority Republicans, testify before the House Judiciary Committee in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill December 9, 2019 in Washington, DC.

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A talk-show host from right-wing conspiracy website Infowars derailed the start of Monday's House impeachment proceedings by screaming at Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.

Owen Shroyer, who was seated in the audience of the hearing room on Capitol Hill, stood up and loudly heckled Nadler minutes after the Democratic chairman took his seat.

"Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!" Shroyer shouted. "We voted for Donald Trump! And they're simply removing him because they don't like him!"

"You're the one committing treason!" Shroyer yelled. "Trump is innocent!"

Shroyer was escorted out of the hearing room by officers less than 40 seconds after his tirade began.

He had recorded the interruption, and quickly uploaded it to Twitter after his removal.

"Obviously, I shouldn't have to remind everyone that the audience is here to observe and not to demonstrate," Nadler said after Shroyer had left the room.

Counsel for Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees were set to present the evidence gathered as part of the impeachment inquiry into whether the president abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to announce investigations into his political opponents. Democrats also argue that Trump has obstructed Congress's probe by withholding documents and pressuring witnesses not to testify.

"The president welcomed foreign interference in our elections in 2016. He demanded it for 2020. Then he got caught," Nadler said in his opening statement.

He also warned that Trump will "do it again," noting that the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, reportedly traveled to Europe last week to meet with former Ukraine officials.

"This pattern of conduct represents a continuing risk to the country," Nadler said.

Shroyer, who has been described in prior reports as a "disciple" of Infowars chief Alex Jones, drew attention earlier this year when he called for former President Barack Obama to be lynched.

The "treasonous" Democratic former president "belongs in jail. He belongs in Guantanamo Bay. I mean look, I'm not saying this should happen but Barack Obama, you know, find the tallest tree and a rope," Shroyer said, multiple outlets reported at the time.

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