Steve Harvey Dragged For Joking About ‘The Cartel’ While Talking To Miss Colombia: ‘Not Funny’

Steve Harvey Dragged For Joking About ‘The Cartel’ While Talking To Miss Colombia: ‘Not Funny’
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 08, 2019 View: 44

Steve Harvey Dragged For Joking About ‘The Cartel’ While Talking To Miss Colombia: ‘Not Funny’

Social media wasn’t laughing when Steve Harvey dropped a joke about ‘The Cartel’ to Miss Colombia at Miss Universe 2019 four years after his memorable flub took place.

It might be time for Steve Harvey, 62, to come up with new material given that some of his humor wasn’t well received during the live Miss Universe 2019 broadcast on December 8. The legendary comedian was in a smooth sailing kind of situation until he announced Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur, 24, as one of the contestants who made the top 20. Steve had one of the most awkward live moments in television history when he said that Miss Colombia Arianda Gutierrez, 25, was the winner of Miss Universe 2015 when it was in fact Pia Wurtzbach, 30, of The Philippines. So you can imagine that he would be just as nervous this go around when Gabriela approached him on stage.

Steve, in his comedic way, looked nervous as can be before she came up to him. He then turned towards the audience and pointed as his card to prove that she did in fact make the top 20. He spelled the name of Colombia out loud and added, “Nailed it,” while Gabriela tried her best to be humorous during the awkward moment. “Should I go back? Tell me what to do,” she said to him.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, when he flat out said, “The cartel hasn’t forgiven me,” during his segment with her. Social media went off, with one saying, “That was not only disrespectful but absolutely unacceptable and unnecessary” and another chiming in with “Maybe someone should tell #SteveHarvey that his jokes about Cartels in Colombia are rude and disrespectful, he encourages wrong stereotypes.”

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It didn’t stop there as people also asked that he apologize after the frustration he put some of them through with the 2015 debacle. “Your comment about Colombia deserve another apology from you to all our country,” one wrote before adding, “What is wrong with you ? Colombia is waiting (for) your apology.” 

Steve did try to lighten the mood while he chatted with Gabriela. She gave her grandmother a big shout out on stage which he followed up with “Caliente! Caliente! That’s all I know. Caliente yes!”

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