Juice Wrld: Why Rapper Could Have Died From A Seizure At 21 — Doctor Explains

Juice Wrld: Why Rapper Could Have Died From A Seizure At 21 — Doctor Explains
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Juice Wrld: Why Rapper Could Have Died From A Seizure At 21 — Doctor Explains

Juice Wrld tragically died at the age of 21 after suffering from a seizure. A doctor spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on how the sudden attack could be the cause for his shocking passing.

Celebs and fans including Travis Scott, 28, and Zedd, 30, have poured their hearts out over the untimely death of “Lucid Dreams” rapper Juice Wrld. He was pronounced dead on Sunday, December 8, at the age of 21 after suffering from a seizure in Chicago’s Midway airport according to a report from TMZ. Witnesses revealed that the seizure took place while he was walking through the airport after he got off his flight from California. Law enforcement sources said he was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived on the scene. Juice (real name Jarad Anthony Higgins) was still conscious when he was rushed to the hospital prior to his passing. An official cause of death has not been determined.

It might sound strange to some that a person can die from seizures at 21 although the chances of it happening are still likely. Dr. Robert J. Bos of Castle Connnolly in Manhattan spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on how this sudden attack can happen no matter how or young the person is. “Seizures (epilepsy) are uncontrolled electrical discharges in the brain causing the body’s muscles to contract randomly,” he explained.

Dr. Bos continued, “During these episodes people can bite their tongue (jaw muscles contracting) and also breathe in (aspirate) their own secretions and or vomit. This in turn causes the lungs to swell (pulmonary edema) and stop working which will then stop the heart from lack of oxygen.”

When asked about why he was reportedly bleeding from the mouth, Dr. Ros said, “The lung swelling and biting of tongue can explain the blood in the mouth.”

Dr. Ros also went into detail about if him being on a flight had any sort of connection with his seizure. “Flying can set off an episode when people hyperventilate in the plane from anxiety and lower levels of oxygen,” he explained before adding “Epilepsy [or] seizures can happen at any age and can also be caused by other conditions: brain tumor, stroke, drugs.”

Our healing thoughts go out to all those affected by Juice’s passing.

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