Cardi B Twerks With Scantily Clad Strippers During Wild Night Out In Lagos — Watch

Cardi B Twerks With Scantily Clad Strippers During Wild Night Out In Lagos — Watch
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 07, 2019 View: 84

Cardi B Twerks With Scantily Clad Strippers During Wild Night Out In Lagos — Watch

Cardi B has a concert in Nigeria on Dec. 7, so before taking the stage, she warmed up her dance moves in the perfect place — a strip club! The rapper really turn

If Cardi B had any pre-show jitters, they definitely were gone after her night at the strip club on Dec. 6! The Grammy-nominated rapper is in Nigeria to perform at the Livespot X Festival in Lagos on Dec. 7, and before she danced on her own stage, Cardi took her moves to a strip club the night prior. It was a wild night for Cardi, whose Instagram Story looked like a promo teaser for Girls Gone Wild. 

Not only did Cardi perform “I Like That” inside the packed venue, she partied right alongside strippers! The dancers, wearing just itsy-bitsy thongs, treated Cardi to lap dances. The rapper even made it rain amid the twerk fest with a stack of dollar bills, and showed off her own twerking skills. Keep in mind that Cardi did all this while wearing a pair of stiletto Louboutin heels — we stan the queen of endurance. The “Press” rapper danced the night away in Fashion Nova’s snakeskin print bodysuit.

Following Cardi’s performance in Nigeria, she’ll be making her way to the Livespot X Festival’s other concert in Ghana on Dec. 8. These two sets will be Cardi’s first ever performances in Africa! Before touching down on the continent, Cardi was already twerking on her private jet as she was en route to a pit stop in New York City on Dec. 5. She threw down to none other than her remix to Davido’s song “Fall,” which has yet to be officially released.

Before releasing her debut single and claim-to-fame, “Bodak Yellow,” in 2017, Cardi herself worked as a stripper. It’s a job that requires not only seductive moves but incredible strength, which she got to showcase in the stripper heist movie Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez after the film’s release in September.

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