Ray J Pleads With Radio Host To ‘Step On’ His Glasses In Awkward Moment & Fans Think He’s Losing His Mind

Ray J Pleads With Radio Host To ‘Step On’ His Glasses In Awkward Moment & Fans Think He’s Losing His Mind
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 06, 2019 View: 31

Ray J Pleads With Radio Host To ‘Step On’ His Glasses In Awkward Moment & Fans Think He’s Losing His Mind

It looks like Ray J is going to need a new pair of specs! The rapper and TV personality egged on a radio host at Complex to break his glasses with less than stellar results.

This was only a little cringeworthy — Ray J, 38, was in the hot seat during an interview with Complex on Dec. 5, which quickly turned awkward. At one point in the interview, Complex‘s Speedy commented how the rapper is “so frivolous with your products.” Speedy even offered an example, citing how Ray J will throw his glasses with no fear at all! “They’re unbreakable,” Ray J boasted in the interview. Naturally, the rapper was set to prove his assertion.

As Ray J continued to say how “unbreakable” his glasses were, he invited Speedy to “break them.” Feeling apprehensive, Speedy told Ray J to “step on them” himself, while Ray J had other ideas. “No, you step on them.” After putting the glasses on the floor, Ray J once again said, “Speedy step on them.” Still nervous, as if second guessing whether or not he would actually do it, Speedy insisted, “I can’t do that.” Following a back and forth that featured Ray J assuring Speedy the glasses were, as he boasted, “unbreakable” Speedy finally slammed his foot on the red-frame glasses and — to Ray J’s bewilderment — the glasses were not, in fact, unbreakable, which you can watch here.

Naturally, fans had some thoughts on Ray J’s actions during the interview. “This man is something else,” on fan commented. While another fan chimed in to comment, “Somebody make the meme RIGHT now!!” Meanwhile the rest of the comments sections was full of followers and fans simply laughing over the whole wild situation that Ray J found himself in during the interview.

Of course, this wasn’t the only interview where Ray J found himself in an uncomfortable situation. While on the Dec. 4 episode of Wendy Williams, the talk show host put the rapper on blast for allegedly leaving his wife, Princess Love, and 18-month-old daughter, Melody, on a sidewalk in Las Vegas after an argument. “I would never,” Ray responded. “I love you Princess and again look it didn’t happen like that. I would never leave my baby and my wife. I would die first before I leave them.” Of course, Ray J did also account that he has some work to do in their relationship, as they expect their second child, a baby boy, in the near future. “I have to compromise and do better. I have to do better and understand that my wife is pregnant and I have to think a little more wiser,” he said. While the rapper is in the need of new glasses, one thing is for sure with Ray J, regardless of where he is, always makes for an interesting interview!

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