Stormi Webster, 1, Excitedly Jumps Up & Down While Bowling With Mom Kylie Jenner — Adorable Video

Stormi Webster, 1, Excitedly Jumps Up & Down While Bowling With Mom Kylie Jenner — Adorable Video
By: WNG HL Posted On: December 06, 2019 View: 66

Stormi Webster, 1, Excitedly Jumps Up & Down While Bowling With Mom Kylie Jenner — Adorable Video

Cuteness overload! Stormi Webster was jumping for joy when she was out bowling with her mom, who captured the sweet moment on her Instagram story!

Too cute for words — Stormi Webster, 1, was so excited when she went bowling with her mom, Kylie Jenner, 22, that she began jumping up and down! The Lip Kit mogul, who shares her daughter with ex Travis Scott, 27, took to her Instagram on Dec. 5 with what might be the cutest video fans have ever seen. In the clip, Stormi held onto her giant bowling ball, mounted atop a slope, and pushed the heavy ball down the lane. Stormi did so well, she nearly got a strike! “You did it,” Kylie said to her one-year-old, as she looked on so impressed by her daughter’s bowling skills. All the while, Stormi kept jumping up and down with excitement that she pushed her bowling ball down the lane all by herself!

Of course, it’s not just bowling where Stormi is proving to be a natural. On Dec. 3, Stormi tried out snowboarding for the first time, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked. Kylie took to her Instagram story to document the moment as the beaming toddler put on her boots and scooted around on the carpet while riding a pint-sized pink snowboard. Stormi had near perfect balance and at almost two-years-old, the toddler did better than most adults!

Kylie, naturally, couldn’t help but gush about the adorable sight. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long,” Kylie captioned her footage. “Can’t handle this,” the Keeping Up With The Kardashians continued. Kylie even flexed her stage mom muscles, telling her daughter, “Baby, you’re a natural!” Stormi looked so happy, and while one-and-a-half-years-old is just a little too young to hit the slopes, it’s clear that snowboarding is definitely in her future. Stormi even has the outfit down already: a little fleece coat and baggy jeans.

Kylie just loves to gush about her sweet little girl and show her fans and followers just how much she loves her! She even went as far as climbing into Stormi’s playpen on Nov. 23, just to tell her daughter “I love you.” How sweet! Fans can’t get enough of this mother-daughter duo and, with the holidays just around the corner, we cannot wait to see what Kylie shares next!

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